My name is Nate. Or Nathan… but I prefer Nate. I’m currently 26, but I might not update this very often so if you’re reading this after October 2013 I may be quite a bit older. So, I was born in 1986. I’ll let you figure it out from there.

I enjoy being a happy person, talking to happy people, and making people laugh. I like telling stories about my life, but I enjoy writing stories about what I wish life was like, or wonder what other lives may be like, or what life might be life if things such as ghosts and spirits and magical things existed.

I hope you enjoy the things that I’ve pulled from my brain and put on this website. Most of the writings here are half-formed ideas that I’m just trying to figure out quickly. For ideas that I have pretty well-formed in my mind for a while, I prefer writing with pen and paper. When I have ideas that pop out of nowhere that inspire or intrigue me, I write them here lest I forget them. Hopefully I’ll have more content in the future, and more full beginning-to-end stories. Basically though it’s a writers workshop. Feel free to comment 🙂

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Thanks for reading